2014 Deloitte Energy Conference “A Global Industry…Competing Locally”

Energy is sourced globally. This reality places the energy industry squarely at the intersection of geopolitics, national security, and economic growth. Balancing these often opposing forces will require innovation throughout the entire energy value chain, a challenge that was explored recently at the 2014 Deloitte Energy Conference. The conference, held on May 13-14, 2014, in Washington, DC, provided a forum for industry participants to share ideas for meeting and managing future energy demand.

Our newly released Retrospective provides a snapshot of the memorable themes and insights from the event.  Download the report (PDF) to gain insights on broad trends, such as the global energy outlook, the rise of North America as an energy producer, and evolving business models in the electricity sector. The report also features summaries of sessions on policy, public affairs, the investment environment, climate change, water strategies, research, technology, and cyber risk.

Conference materials and related thought leadership can be accessed through the links in the document.  For hard copies please contact  EnergyConference@deloitte.com.